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EQME Fundraising Canvasser Job Description

About Equality Maine:

Mission: EqualityMaine works to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Maine through political action, community organizing, education, and collaboration. 
Vision: We envision the day when lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons and their families have full equality in the hearts and minds of Maine people and in all areas of the law.

About the Position of Fundraising Canvasser:

EqualityMaine is hiring passionate people to talk with Mainers at events, on the streets, and by knocking doors in local neighborhoods to raise awareness, educate and generate support for our safer schools initiatives, youth leadership and empowerment programs, and other efforts of EQME to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ Mainers.

Job Responsibilities:

Engagement: Canvassers will be responsible for finding ways to engage and activate supporters that they find in the field through fundraising efforts. Canvassers should feel comfortable inspiring people to support the work of EQME through large gifts, small one time gifts, and monthly recurring contributions. 

Establishing a positive rapport: Canvassers are the front lines of our field work, and in some cases, one of the only face to face connections between EqualityMaine and Mainers across the state. As such, canvassers are responsible for maintaining a professional, positive, and healthy rapport during each interaction. Canvassers must be knowledgeable about our work, and attempt to provide answers to any questions that arise. 

Maintaining a healthy work environment: Canvassers are responsible for helping to maintain a healthy and positive work environment. The EqualityMaine office is meant to be an open and affirming workplace. Canvassers are expected to maintain positive, inclusive, and open-minded attitudes to co-workers, volunteers, and anyone else who may be present in the space at any given time.


Strong communication skills, reliable work ethic, and a deep passion for advocating for the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Canvassers must be able to work on a team, receive feedback, and adapt to rapidly changing political and programmatic landscapes. Previous canvassing, fundraising, sales, or political experience is a plus — this is an ideal position for someone who is looking to get into the non-profit or campaign world. 

Canvass Team Leaders must demonstrate prior experience in supervisory/management roles related to social work, advocacy, fundraising, sales or related field. 


Newly hired canvassers will work closely with the Team Leaders and the Canvass Director to learn how to canvass and fine tune their skills in outreach, education and fundraising. The first week of canvassing will include extensive training on the skills required to canvass on streets, at events, and at doors. Daily trainings are held to build/reaffirm the skills of canvassers and to relay relevant current information pertinent to field communication. Canvassers are expected to actively participate and engage in training, including but not limited to conducting mock door knocks as well as mock street/event conversations.


Canvassers will be responsible for managing and keeping gifts of donors secure with the appropriate documentation to go with each gift. There will be fundraising quotas and goals in place. Additionally, canvassers are responsible for accurately recording the results of every interaction, and report daily numbers to their Team Leaders and/or the Canvass Director. Canvassers must be able to stand/walk for extended periods of time. The job requires working outdoors and In some cases we will need to work in slightly inclement or warmer weather. Canvassers are expected to dress appropriately and stay abreast as to daily/weekly weather patterns. Canvassers will not be forced to or penalized for not wanting to work in weather that is deemed to be inappropriate or unsafe to canvass in. Any decision to cancel a shift due to weather will be made by the Canvass Director and relayed through Team Leaders to Canvassers at least 1 hour prior to shift start time.

Schedule and Compensation:

Part time hours (up to 36 hours per week), seasonal position. Canvassers/Team Leaders must possess the ability and willingness to work a flexible schedule including weekends and evenings. A minimum of 24 hours worked per week are required to keep your status on the team.

*Canvassers start  at $12+/per hour. Canvass  Team Leaders start at $13+/per hour. This position does not include benefits. A bonus system is also in place for staff who exceed fundraising goals in a designated pay period.

To apply:

Send cover letter and resume to Christopher O’Connor at

EqualityMaine is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding equal opportunity. EqualityMaine does not allow any unlawful discrimination against or harassment of our employees or others present at our facilities. 

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