Margo Peffer


Board Member

Year Joined Board: 
She, Her, Hers

Professionally, I lead HR including Diversity and Inclusion initiatives for a large local retailer. Personally, my husband and I have been married for 12 years and have two children 6 and 8. Whether it is the people I work with, the people I care about, or the people I have yet to meet, I want to play an active role in driving spirit of openness and inclusion in the community and beyond. I love to help and empower people to reach a higher level of potential and general happiness. I love, learning time at the lake, being creative delicious food, and time with my family.

Why we list our pronouns

Names aren’t the only way we refer to people. We share our gender pronouns and encourage you to do the same. Gender pronouns are the way you like to be referred to: she, her, hers; they, them, theirs; he, him, his; or something else. We share these because we do not want to assume another person’s gender. 

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