Dr. Florence Edwards

Year Joined Board: 
She/Her, They/Them

Flo came to Portland, Maine at the age of 12, when her parents moved here from New York. After graduating from Portland high, she attended college in the Chicago area. She came back in her twenties and attended classes at UNE and worked for various grade schools in southern Maine from Portland Adult Education to Spurwink in Chelsea. Soon she discovered that her passion is helping people smile which lead her to attend dental school at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Flo joined the U.S. Army after she earned DDS; being away from Maine for an extended period helped her realize that she wanted to settle down in Portland.

Now, she spends weekends kayaking, exploring Maine and camping with her wife, Donna Ekart, and two black labs. As a young adult in Portland, she participated in Outright and WMPG’s youth talk radio show. At this point in her life, she’s able to give back to the community that helped ground her. Flo is passionate about everyone being heard and having rights. Being black, lesbian, and female, she understands that marginalized people will always have to defend and demand equal human rights; they don’t have the privilege otherwise. Knowing this is why she supports EQME.

Why we list our pronouns

Names aren’t the only way we refer to people. We share our gender pronouns and encourage you to do the same. Gender pronouns are the way you like to be referred to: she, her, hers; they, them, theirs; he, him, his; or something else. We share these because we do not want to assume another person’s gender. 

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