2020 Endorsements for Maine State Senate

We are proud to support the following pro-equality candidates who are running to represent Maine communities in the State Senate and encourage you to vote for them when casting your ballot in this November’s election.

If you are unsure of what district you live in, click HERE to look up your address.

(i) = incumbent

District 1: Troy Jackson (i)

District 2: Mike Carpenter (i)

District 5: Jim Dill (i)

District 6: Marianne Moore (i)

District 7: Louie Luchini (i)

District 8: Bev Uhlenhake

District 9: Joe Baldacci

District 11: Glenn “Chip” Curry

District 12: Dave Miramant (i)

District 13: Chloe Maxmin

District 14: Shenna Bellows (i)

District 16: Hilary Koch

District 17: Jan Collins

District 18: Gabe Perkins

District 19: Katherine Branch

District 20: Ned Claxton (i)

District 21: Nate Libby (i)

District 22: Martha Poliquin

District 23: Eloise Vitelli (i)

District 24: Mattie Daughtry

District 25: Cathy Breen (i)

District 26: Bill Diamond (i)

District 27: Ben Chipman (i)

District 28: Heather Sanborn (i)

District 29: Anne Carney

District 30: Stacy Brenner

District 31: Donna Bailey

District 32: Susan Deschambault (i)

District 33: David Woodsome (i)

District 34: Joe Rafferty

District 35: Mark Lawrence (i)

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