2020 Endorsements for Maine State House

We are proud to support the following pro-equality candidates who are running to represent Maine communities in the State House and encourage you to vote for them when casting your ballot in this November’s election.

If you are unsure of what district you live in, click HERE to look up your address.

(i) = incumbent

District 1: Kristi Mathieson

District 2: Michele Meyer (i)

District 3: Lydia Blume (i)

District 4: Patty Hymanson (i)

District 6: Tiffany Roberts (i)

District 7: Dan Hobbs (i)

District 8: Chris Babbidge (i)

District 10: Henry Ingwersen (i)

District 11: Ryan Fecteau (i)

District 12: Erin Sheehan

District 13: Lori Gramlich (i)

District 14: Lynn Copeland

District 15: Maggie O’Neill (i)

District 16: David Durrell

District 21: Cliff Krolick

District 23: Tim Goodwin

District 24: Mark Bryant (i)

District 25: Patrick Corey (i)

District 26: Mo Terry (i)

District 27: Kyle Bailey

District 28: Chris Caiazzo (i)

District 29: Shawn Babine (i)

District 30: Rebecca Millett

District 31: Lois Galgay Reckitt (i)

District 32: Chris Kessler (i)

District 33: Victoria Morales (i)

District 34: Morgan Rielly

District 35: Suzanne Salisbury

District 36: Michael Brennan (i)

District 37: Grayson Lookner

District 38: Barb Wood

District 39: Mike Sylvester (i)

District 40: Rachel Talbot Ross (i)

District 41: Sam Zager

District 42: Ben Collings (i)

District 43: Ed Crockett (i)

District 44: Teresa Pierce (i)

District 45: Steve Moriarty (i)

District 46: Braden Sharpe (i)

District 47: Art Bell

District 48: Melanie Sachs

District 49: Poppy Arford

District 50: Ralph Tucker (i)

District 51: Jay McCreight (i)

District 52: Sean Paulhus (i)

District 53: Allison Hepler (i)

District 54: Denise Tepler (i)

District 55: Seth Berry (i)

District 58: Jim Handy (i)

District 59: Margaret Craven (i)

District 60: Kristen Cloutier (i)

District 61: Heidi Brooks (i)

District 62: Gina Melaragno (i)

District 64: Bettyann Sheats (i)

District 66: Jess Fay (i)

District 69: Walter Riseman (i)

District 70: Nathan Burnett

District 71: Nathan Morse

District 74: Tina Riley (i)

District 76: Deborah Emery

District 78: Ray Caron

District 81: Tavis Hasenfus

District 82: Kent Ackley (i)

District 83: Thom Harnett (i)

District 84: Charlotte Warren (i)

District 85: Donna Doore (i)

District 86: Adam Turner

District 89: Holly Stover (i)

District 90: Lydia Crafts

District 91: Jeff Evangelos (i)

District 92: Ann Matlack (i)

District 93: Valli Geiger

District 94: Vicki Doudera (i)

District 95: Bill Pluecker (i)

District 96: Paige Ziegler (i)

District 97: Jan Dodge (i)

District 98: Scott Cuddy (i)

District 99: April Turner

District 103: Robin Russel

District 106: Ethan Brownell

District 107: Betty Austin (i)

District 110: Colleen Madigan (i)

District 112: Peter Bourgelais

District 113: Scott Landry (i)

District 114: Greg Kimber

District 115: John Patrick

District 117: Savannah Sessions

District 120: Norm Higgins (i)

District 121: Megan Smith

District 122: Michelle Dunphy (i)

District 123: Laurie Osher

District 124: Joe Perry (i)

District 125: Amy Roeder

District 126: Laura Supica

District 127: Barbara Cardone (i)

District 128: Kevin O’Connell (i)

District 130: Nicolas Delli Paoli

District 131: Veronica Magnan

District 132: Nicole Grohoski (i)

District 133: Sarah Pebworth (i)

District 134: Genevieve McDonald (i)

District 135: Lynne Williams

District 137: Maxwell Coolidge

District 138: Robert Alley (i)

District 139: Patricia Godin

District 140: Anne Perry (i)

District 142: Natalie DiPentino

District 143: Charlie Pray

District 144: Kathryn Harnish

District 148: Dave McCrea (i)

District 150: Danny Martin (i)

District 151: John Martin (i)


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