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The Issues

Since 1984, EqualityMaine has worked to secure civil rights legislation, promote workplace equality, ensure responsible HIV/AIDS policies, pass hate crimes protection laws and support Maine families and children.

Learn more about these issues and our accomplishments now and over the past two decades:

Our Legislative Priorities in 2011

  • Defeating an attack on the Human Rights Act
  • Defeating two bills that seek to limit Mainers’ voting rights
  • Passing anti-bullying legislation

Protecting the Maine Human Rights Act
LD 1046, An Act to Exempt Public Accommodations from the Maine Human Rights Act

This bill seeks to undermine the Maine Human Rights Act, and it singles out the transgender
community for discrimination. If passed, it would allow businesses and public places to restrict
restrooms based on “biological sex,” meaning that transgender people would be forced to use a
bathroom that does not match their gender identity. The trans community already faces a high
level of violence and discrimination and this bill would place them in harm’s way. That’s simply

Check out this video called Everyone Matters and then share it with your friends to raise
awareness about this important issue.

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Protecting Voting Rights

We’re working with a strong and diverse coalition to defeat two bills that would restrict voting
rights. One bill would require people have a photo id to vote, and another would ban same-day
voter registration, something many Mainers use to cast their votes. If passed, these bills would
turn eligible voters away from the polls—and that would especially impact pro-equality voters.

For more information, check out the League of Women Voters’ great factsheet on these bills.

Passing Anti-Bullying Legislation

We are working with legislators and coalition partners to pass strong anti-bullying legislation
that will protect all youth, but especially LGBTQ youth.

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Until August 2007, only a married couple or a single, unmarried person could adopt a child in Maine. If a same-sex couple chose to adopt, only one partner could be the child's legal parent. Click here for more information.

Domestic Partnerships

The 121st Maine Legislature passed LD 1579, a domestic partner registry bill, in April 2004. The law went into effect on July 30, 2004. The law extends inheritance rights, next of kin status, victim's compensation and guardian and conservator rights to domestic partners in Maine. Click here for more information.

Family Medical Leave

In June 2007 the Maine legislature passed L.D. 375, a bill that amended the state's Family Medical Leave Act to include LGBT workers, whose families were not previously covered by the law. Click here for more information.

Hate Crimes

EqualityMaine successfully lobbied for the inclusion of sexual orientation under Maine's hate crimes protection laws; in 1993 we passed legislation that amended the Maine Civil Rights Act to protect LGBT citizens from hate crimes. We have also collaborated with educators, administrators and parent groups to develop anti-harassment policies, and to educate communities about ways to make schools safe, supportive environments for all youth. Click here for more information.


EqualityMaine has helped pass major health legislation, including bills for increased AIDS funding and the HIV/AIDS Medicaid Waiver, which expands health care access to HIV-positive individuals who live below the federal poverty line. Click here for more information.

Marriage Equality

Under construction.


On November 8, 2005, after nearly three decades of working to pass non-discrimination protections for LGBT Mainers, Maine became the 16th state to protect LGBT people from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and expression in employment, housing, education, credit and public accommodations. Click here for more information.


In 2005 EqualityMaine helped pass legislation to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression in employment, housing, education, credit and public accommodations. Click here for more information.


In 2001 EqualityMaine secured an historic $500,000 funding increase for civil rights teams to address anti-LGBT violence and harassment in Maine schools. Click here for more information.

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