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How Trans Is Maine?

How many trans people are there in Maine? That's a tricky question...it depends what your definition of "trans" is.  read more »

Dinner Success!

After months of drafting, planning, inviting, and more planning, the 26th Annual Awards Dinner is done.  read more »

Gubernatorial Candidates 101

This is a critical election year in Maine.  read more »

The Moveable Middle

Last week a report came out by Third Way based on a study of the two 2009 state ballot initiatives regarding relationship recognition – Maine and Washing  read more »

Creating Change

Last week Betsy, Matt, Dee and I went to Dallas for the annual National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Creating Change Conference. The five day conference offered something for everyone.  read more »

2 Tracks to Marriage

The plan is in place, now it’s our job to put it in motion. And we’ll need your help.  read more »


The other week we got an email from someone who had been planning to get married this year (prior to the final Question 1 results).  read more »

Keeping the conversation going

First of all, thank you for helping us reach our goal of $10,000 by the end of 2009.  read more »

Community Conversations

These past few weeks have been about debriefing the campaign and gearing up to move forward.  read more »

Moving Forward

Jesse Connolly was right when he said our opponents were way off base to view the vote in Maine as a harbinger of what lies ahead.  read more »

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