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Raise with us to win marriage. Become a Maine Raiser.

Help us to strengthen our grassroots by becoming a Maine Raiser today! The more people who help us to change hearts and minds of Mainers on marriage the stronger our campaign will be now and in the future. We cannot wait until 2012 to move Mainers on marriage -- we must move them now, in 2011.

That’s why EqualityMaine is building a team of supporters across the state now – Maine Raisers – who are stepping up and reaching out to get their friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, faith communities and others invested in our work.  Currently, more than 30 Mainers across the state are raising, but we are looking to double that number in the next several months.

We need you to join your fellow Mainers in this vital work. You'll be supported when you take advantage of this opportunity by the staff of the development team at EqualityMaine.

Here are just a few of the ways Maine Raisers are helping to grow our movement and increase the number of stakeholders who are invested in our effort:

  • Hosting house parties to update friends, neighbors and colleagues on efforts already underway to win marriage and ask for their investment in this important work;
  • Setting up personal fund-raising pages and emailing friends to support you;
  • Identifying supporters who could have one-on-one meetings with development team members to discuss their support for this effort;
  • Organizing a beneficiary event like a friendly sports tournament, art show, dance, talent show, etc. to help grow our number of grassroots donors.

To learn more about becoming a Maine Raiser and the ways in which our development team can support you as we change hearts and minds towards marriage equality, please contact (207) 761-3732 x 18 or mstone@equalitymaine.org.

Thank you for being a part of our team to lay the foundation now for victory in 2012.

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