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From Biddeford to Presque Isle

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May 20, 2010 - 12:00am

The EqualityMaine Field Team is back in the office after a two-week tour of Maine, spanning from the southern-most county to the northern-most!  Dee and Ali traveled from the Portland area to Biddeford, Waldoboro, Thomaston, Ellsworth and finally Presque Isle.  

2010 is all about building on the great foundation we created in 2009 by increasing our support statewide.  To that end we’re meeting with terrific volunteer teams all over the state to talk about how they can work creatively and locally to build support for marriage equality all over Maine.   

It was an energizing and scenic trip and we’re excited to return to all these places again—and visit new towns—as the year progresses.  Waldoboro won us over before we even arrived with the beautiful drive along Route One.  We spoke with a brilliant group of volunteers in the offices of the Antiques Digest, amid cubbies of curiosities and unusual art pieces.  The next stop was a coffee shop in downtown Ellsworth for a strategy session with a small but dedicated group of leaders.  Since Maine is really a small town, not a small state, we weren’t surprised at all to run into members of the Religious Coalition Against Discrimination meeting at the table next to ours!

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting Aroostook County.  We knew we’d crossed over into The County when we realized that the dump truck ahead of us contained seed potatoes, not rocks.  But we got official confirmation when a moose ambled in front of us on Route 11 a little while later.  At the University of Maine Presque Isle that evening, twenty marriage equality supporters gathered with us for an impressive planning meeting.  We can’t wait to see what the team has come up with when we go back in June!

Our last stop was in Thomaston, where we met with a vibrant group of volunteers at a leader’s home and then made the long trek home.  The evening drive on unmarked back roads gave us time to reflect on what a great adventure it was—and plan for our next roadtrip.

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Photo taken by Dick Harrison/UMPI

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