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April 20, 2010 - 2:26pm

We learned a lot in 2009. One of the key things we learned was that the Bishop and the National Organization for Marriage don’t care that they bankrolled nearly the entire anti-equality campaign. Between the two, they contributed nearly 80 percent of the budget for Stand for Marriage Maine. The Bishop held a special second collection and had a video-taped sermon played across the state in every Catholic church, nearly forbidding parishioners from voting in support of their gay and lesbian neighbors. NOM sued the state when they decided they didn’t like our clean elections laws.

We also learned that we have many supporters within faith communities. We had our own outspoken voices of faith – Catholics for Marriage Equality and the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry. These two groups worked statewide reaching out and educating people of faith that they can support marriage equality while still being faithful to their faith tradition. They held vigils, put ads in the newspaper, submitted editorials and responded to the lies of the Bishop.

Finally, we learned that we need to do more outreach and education within these faith communities. In collaboration with Catholics for Marriage Equality and the Religious Coalition Against Discrimination – formerly the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry – we will be asking our supporters of faith to partner with us in this effort to reach and educate more faith communities across the state. This is going to be an essential part of any plan to win marriage in Maine.

Some things for members of faith to think about:
~What outreach strategies would work in your community?
~Which faith communities are visible proponents of marriage equality?
~What are your thoughts on faith-based organizing (this may need to be explained)?
~What do you think is the best way for EqualityMaine to engage people of faith?

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