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August Message

On July 24th, New York became the sixth state in the U.S. to have full marriage equality – joining New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, and the District of Columbia. There is a feeling of momentum and change building in the country and at EqualityMaine we are encouraged and very hopeful.

On June 30th, EqualityMaine and our colleagues at GLAD, as well other members of the Maine Freedom to Marry Coalition, announced the submission of language for a Citizens Initiative to put marriage equality on the ballot – perhaps as soon as 2012. We are committed to winning marriage equality in our wonderful state of Maine. Marriage is good for Maine’s families and communities. Maine’s gay and lesbian families need and deserve marriage. Over the course of a year and half, we will need to do three things: continue to change the hearts and minds of Mainers through one-to-one conversations, collect enough signatures – roughly 80,000 - to be on the ballot, and we must raise money.

You’ve asked us to streamline our communications with you and we’ve heard you. To be able to keep you fully informed and interactively involved in our efforts, we’ve launched this new e-newsletter. It will allow us to communicate with you more efficiently and effectively.

Also, in conjunction with our colleagues at GLAD and Freedom to Marry, we’ve launched a new website: www.WhyMarriageMattersMaine.com. Please take a few moments to check it out, sign the pledge, like us on Facebook and sign-up to get involved in the campaign. There is so much more we must do before we can win the freedom to marry in Maine. We won’t be able to do it without your help.

With your help over the course of this campaign, we will become the first state to win the freedom to marry at the ballot box. And on that day, we will finally see equality for all Maine families. 

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