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Announce Your Celebrations!

In cities and towns all over the country, communities see the lives of their family, friends and neighbors reflected in announcements in their local papers.  When these announcements are about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community members, the stories spur the kinds of everyday conversations that change hearts and minds.

We’re urging you to share your stories by recognizing the celebrations and milestones in your life, and to share your story in other forms of media, from office newsletters and union periodicals to church bulletins, Facebook and YouTube.  Submit a wedding announcement.  Start a blog.  Share your story on a radio call-in show. 

We’ll be here to provide you with the guidance you need along the way. 

Your Story

Why submit an announcement of your celebration? It may not seem important, but just by sharing your story, you can help people understand and see the common ground that we all share.

The first step to changing hearts and minds is by sharing your story – it’s the best way to help people understand the LGBT community.  But what story do you want to tell?

You could...

Share an Announcement:

  • Wedding
  • Adoption
  • Employee Newsletter Profile
  • Engagement
  • Civil union
  • Anniversary
  • Baptism
  • Birth
  • Bar/bat mitzvah
  • Quinceañera
  • Transition/name change

Share a Special Occasion:

  • Graduation
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Coming Out Day

Or shed light on an issue with your story in a letter to the editor or an op-ed:

  • Marriage equality
  • Adoption
  • Transgender equality
  • Employment and housing discrimination
  • Faith
  • Sports
  • Military
  • School safety

These are only some of the stories that can be shared in the media. The list of story ideas or of ways to announce your celebration is by no means exhaustive.  Get creative! 

Next! How you do it…

Maine Media Outlet Publications Who Have Printed an Announcement in the Past:

Bangor Daily News – Bangor - http://www.bangordailynews.com/
Journal Tribune – Biddeford - http://www.journaltribune.com/
Kennebec Journal – Augusta - http://www.kjonline.com/
Morning Sentinel – Waterville - http://www.onlinesentinel.com/
Portland Press Herald – Portland - http://www.pressherald.com/
Sun Journal – Lewiston - www.sunjournal.com/
Times Record – Brunswick - http://www.timesrecord.com/

If You Run Into Questions

If a publication is at all hesitant or doubtful about including the stories of LGBT and allied community members for any reason, share these important reasons why they should:

  • It’s news: Your celebration (wedding, anniversary, birth announcement, baptism, etc.) is news – community members routinely share the major milestones and celebrations in local media outlets.     
  • It’s more visible than ever: LGBT people are celebrating their relationships and their families and being open about their lives in their workplaces, neighborhoods and places of worship.  It’s happening in big cities and small towns alike, and media outlets should reflect that reality.  
  • It’s local and timely:  Media outlets have a responsibility to share current news about what’s happening locally – if you’re a local resident and have an important piece of news to share, your story belongs in the local paper.
  • It’s the right thing to do:  The celebrations of countless community members of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life appear in local media outlets, and the stories of LGBT people should also be included in those outlets.

We also work with community members and local organizations on media outreach.  Contact us at info@equalitymaine.org to find out more.

Share Your Success

Congratulations on announcing your celebration! Share your success with the community by telling us all about it.  Provide inspiration to others.  Spread your story even further.  Share it on Facebook and beyond. And please share it with us!

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